Wholesale Pickleball Apparel & Accessories

Pickleball Treasure & Trinkets for Retail Purveyors 

Avast, ye savvy wholesale mates! Welcome to the Soul Bandit Pickleball trove, where the finest plunder awaits ye for the ultimate pickleball retail adventure. Prepare yer coffers and stock the ship, for we bring ye the most stylish and seaworthy collection of men's and women's pickleball apparel, gifts, and accessories fit for the most discerning of pickleball privateers. So why would a savvy retailer swashbuckler like yerself wanna work with our crew?

Rare Treasure

Arrr, Soul Bandit Pickleball be a one-of-a-kind brand, servin' the needs of pickleball buccaneers like no other!


Bein’ at the Bow of the pickleball realm with jolly apparel and trinkets, we be!

Bonds of Comradeship

We be takin' a hearty partnership approach with our matey retailers to forge treasures that be in line with what your customers be yearnin' for!

Time Aboard

We be a crew of maraudin' marketing and product smiths boastin' a tally of over 40 years sailin' the high seas together. And, if ye ask us, we reckon we be a jolly bunch to have aboard for a good ol' time!

Pirate Threads for Buccaneer Gents and Fair Maidens

From shirts that billow like a ship's sails to hats as comfortable as a hammock swingin' in a tropical breeze, we've got the garb that will make yer customers feel like true pickleball pirates. And fear not, the designs are as bold and daring as a pirate's flag, proudly proclaiming their allegiance to the Soul Bandit crew.

Treasures for the True Pickleball Buccaneer

The loot doesn't end with apparel. We offer a growing swath of pickleball gifts that will have yer customers singing sea shanties in gratitude.

Quills and Bands for the Pickleball Scribe and Warrior

For the discerning scribe, our Pickleball Pen is a mighty tool for putting yer “X” on pickleballs, charting victories and recording tales of triumph. And lest we forget the warriors on the court, our Pickleball Sweat Band will keep them cool and collected in the heat of battle. These accessories be the perfect addition to yer wares, appealing to the sea dog and she-pirate alike.

So, me hearties, ready yer ships and set sail with the Soul Bandit Pickleball crew. This wholesale adventure be an opportunity to stock yer stores with the most stylish, functional, and fearsome pickleball gear on the seven seas. Join us, and let the pickleball seas be conquered with the might of the Soul Bandit crew! 🏴‍☠️🥒

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