7 Pickleball New Years Resolutions

7 New Years Resolutions for Pickleballers

🏴‍☠️ Yo Ho Ho, Pickleball Hearties! A New Year Be Upon Us! 🏴‍☠️

Avast, me fellow pickleball pirates! As the sands of time run through the hourglass like me first mate chasing a runaway parrot, it be high time we set sail into the treacherous waters of New Years resolutions. Now, I be no fortune-teller, but I reckon these resolutions befitting any worthy pickleball player in the Soul Bandit crew!

1. Master the Art of the Dink:
Arrr, me hearties! This year, let's hone our dinking skills until our opponents be crying for mercy. A well-placed dink be like a stealthy ninja, silent but deadly!

Mastering the art of dinking be as vital as navigatin' through stormy seas. Here be me top 3 tips to elevate yer dink game on the pickleball court:

Feather-light Touch: Aye, treat yer paddle like a delicate treasure map. Keep a feather-light touch, allowin' the ball to dance on the paddle like a pirate's jig. The softer ye be, the trickier the dink.

The Low and Slow Creed: As if chartin' a course through treacherous waters, aim low and keep it slow. Send the ball skimming over the net, tantalizin' yer opponent like the horizon on the distant sea.

Master the Angle Cutlass: Hone the precision of a master swordsman with yer paddle. Cut at a slight angle, like a pirate wieldin' a cutlass, to control the trajectory and befuddle yer adversary.

Remember these dink commandments, me hearties, and ye'll be orchestratin' a symphony of confusion on the pickleball seas. May yer dinks be as elusive as a ghost ship, and may victory be as sweet as the finest plunder! 

2. Conquer the Spin of the Seven Seas:
Spin, the mysterious force that can send a ball swirling like a tempest. Let's harness the power of spin, so our opponents be left dizzy and disoriented, like they've been caught in a cyclone. When it comes to spin serves, me hearties, consider it the secret map to victory on the high seas of the pickleball court.

Alternate Spin for Mysterious Maneuvers: Avast! Keep yer foes guessing like a compass gone haywire. Watch their footsteps like a hawk If they be strayin' too far starboard, send a left spin serve their way; if portside, swing to the right. Sprinkle in some low and fat top spinners to create confusion as thick as a fog rolling in on a June morning.

Devious Dinks and Backspin Booty: Arrr, me hearties, here be a sneakier move than a pirate in the shadows. On soft hits, feign a smash, then unleash the kraken of backspin. Those unsuspecting foes will find their balls sinking like ships in a stormy sea, hitting the net more times than stars in a moonlit sky.

Remember these tricks well, me fellow pirates, for they be the keys to unlocking victories that'll echo through the pickleball seas. May yer serves be as unpredictable as the winds, and may ye leave yer opponents lost like a ship without a compass. 

3. Declare War on the Double Bounce:
No self-respecting pickleball pirate be caught making a double bounce! This year, let's swear an oath to banish the double bounce from our court, making it walk the plank for good. 🏴‍☠️ Ahoy, me pickleball comrades! Let this old sea dog share a nugget of wisdom as ye navigate the perilous waters of the pickleball court. Aye, the double bounce rule be as sacred as a mermaid's song, and this year, let's make it our goal to plunder more victories by unleashing the fury of the 2nd return.

Aggression Wins the Day: Avast! When that ball be served, channel the spirit of a buccaneer charging into battle. Make yer mark with a groundstroke so fierce it'd shake the very foundations of Davy Jones' locker.

Aim Low, Strike True: When it comes to the 2nd return, aim for the heart of the matter – near their feet. Send that ball down like a cannonball, and let them scramble like rats on a sinking ship.

Slice 'n Dice with Backspin Magic: Now, here be the secret weapon – the slice return with a touch of backspin. Watch as that ball dances on the net, teasing the opposition like a siren luring sailors to their fate. Their curses will be as thunderous as a tempest.

But beware, me hearties, for with great aggression comes a symphony of colorful curses. Brace yerselves for a barrage of sailor-worthy expletives that'll make even a parrot blush.

May yer 2nd returns be as ruthless as a pirate's plunder and may ye leave yer opponents cursing like a sailor lost at sea. Yo ho ho, and may the pickleball gods favor the bold!

4. Paddle Perfection
Our paddles be our trusty cutlasses. Let's make sure they be in top-notch condition, so we can slice through the competition like a ghost ship through fog.

🏴‍☠️ Avast, ye pickleball swashbucklers! When it comes to tending to yer trusty paddles, follow these tips for a weapon as clean and sharp as a pirate's cutlass:

Gentle Buccaneer's Touch: Aye, a microfiber cloth be yer first mate in this quest. With a gentle stroke, wipe away the dust and grime, treating yer paddle as if it were the finest treasure in the hold.

Magic of the Eraser: Some scallywags swear by the power of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Give it a go for those stubborn marks that be clinging like barnacles to a ship's hull.

Soap and Water Symphony: For a classic touch, a mix of soap and water be the sea breeze yer paddle needs. A soft brush can aid in battling those sea monsters of grime.

Glass Cleaner's Glisten: A touch of glass cleaner be like the sparkle of a siren's song. Use it sparingly for a gleaming surface that'd make even Neptune himself jealous.

Handle with Care, Matey: When dealing with carbon fiber surfaces, tread carefully like a pirate on a ship's deck. Yer goal be to maintain that rough surface for spins as masterful as the tales of the high seas.

Follow these guidelines, me hearties, and yer paddle will be as formidable as a pirate fleet in battle. May it cut through the air and send opponents scurrying like rats on a sinking ship. 

5. Unleash the Battle Cry
Every pickleball pirate needs a battle cry that strikes fear into the hearts of foes. Whether it be "Arrr!" or "Shiver me timbers!" let's find our signature cry and let it echo across the court. Reply back to this post and share your victory sayings.

After a Victorious Match, Let Loose These Pirate Battle Cries:

"Yo Ho Ho, and a Bottle of Pickle Juice!" :
Celebrate victory with the zest of a pirate and the refreshing taste of sweet triumph. Drink deep from the bottle, for ye have conquered the pickleball seas!

"Shiver Me Paddles, I'm the Captain of the Court!"
Stand tall and declare yerself the captain of the pickleball court. Let yer foes quake in their boots, for they've faced the mightiest captain on the seas.

"Arrr, That Match Was Easier Than Findin' Buried Treasure!"
Boast of yer victory with the confidence of a pirate who's stumbled upon a chest of gold. Let all who hear know that yer skills be as rich as yer spoils.

"Aye Aye, Victory Be the Sweetest Grog of All!"
Toast to victory with this hearty cry. The grog of triumph be sweeter than any other, and ye've earned every drop with yer pickleball prowess.

"Hoist the Jolly Roger, for I Am the Pickleball Pirate King!"
Declare yerself the undisputed ruler of the pickleball seas. Hoist the Jolly Roger high, and let all who witness know that ye be the true pickleball pirate king!

Let these battle cries echo through the courts, me hearties, and may they strike fear into the hearts of future opponents. Sail on, and may every match end with a victorious roar!

6. Embrace the Pirate Swagger
Walk the court with the confidence of a pirate captain. Swagger be the key to striking fear into the hearts of opponents and earning the respect of the pickleball seas. Aye, me hearties! When ye find yerself in the depths of a 0-11 pickle, hold yer head high and let the sea breeze fill yer sails. Remember, even the bravest pirates face a setback or two, but a true buccaneer plots a course to victory.

Pride in Defeat: Even when the tide turns against ye, wear yer defeat like a captain's hat. Every loss be a lesson learned, a map to navigate the treacherous waters of the next battle.

Strive to Overcome: Aye, a setback be but a squall in the grand ocean of pickleball. Think ahead, me matey. A cunning pirate always plans their next move, and so should ye. Strive to overcome, like a pirate climbing the mast to catch a glimpse of the horizon.

The War, Not the Battle: The war be won with resilience, not just a single battle. Every defeat be a step towards a triumphant return, like a ship coming back stronger after a storm.

So, me hearties, when the score be against ye, remember the words of the great Blackbeard: "It's not the gold that makes a pirate rich, but the tales of overcoming adversity that echo through the ages." Hoist the sails, adjust the compass, and set course for future victories!

Dress like a Legend: Let the world witness yer pickleball prowess in attire that screams "legend in the makin'." It be more than threads; it be a statement of yer commitment to the game. Our attire be softer than a gentle breeze and more comfortable than a pirate's hammock. Feel the embrace of quality that befits a pickleball champion. Visit our pickleball products treasure trove, and let the pickleball seas witness yer legendary style! 

7. Treasure the Victory Toast
After a hard-fought match, let's raise a tankard of grog (or a sports drink) in a victory toast. Celebrate each win like we've unearthed a chest of gold doubloons. When the battle be fierce, bring yer party cups, and let the revelry commence! Celebrate victories and defeats alike, for every match be a tale worth tellin'.

Party Cups Aweigh: Hoist the Jolly Roger, me hearties! Bring yer party cups to the pickleball arena. Let the laughter flow like a returning tide and may the camaraderie be as strong as the bonds of a pirate crew.

Celebrate with Foes: In victory or defeat, celebrate with friends and foes alike. The pickleball court be a stage for epic tales, and every player be part of the grand adventure.

Pickleball Pens - Mark Yer Territory: Fear not mixin' up yer grog, for Soul Bandit brings ye Pickleball Pens! Mark yer cup with yer moniker, so ye sip from the right chalice of victory.

Remember, me hearties, pickleball be more than a sport; it be a celebration of the pirate spirit. So, next time ye set sail for a match, bring yer cups, share a laugh, and let the pickleball seas be filled with the echoes of merriment! 

May these New Years pickleball resolutions guide ye through the uncharted waters of the pickleball year, me hearties! Here's to a year filled with dinks, spins, and victories that'll echo through the pickleball seas for ages to come. Yo ho ho and a paddle full of soul! 🏴‍☠️🥒🏓

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